Rock Your Clothes!

Sewing Classes

Our sewing classes will teach you the necessities of stitching and repairing your worn-out clothes! Learn how to sew on a patch, button, fix a hole or tear, etc. 


For Everyone:

-Sew Patches

-Fix Tears

-Sew Buttons

Due to Covid-19 these classes are currently transitioning to an online platform. Stay Tuned!



*Located at Our Warehouse:

4630 Easton Dr. Bakersfield CA 93309

Let us renew your style!

As Low As  $15.99  A  Month!

Sewing on the app will help you with your daily clothing needs:

  • Stain Management

  • Laundry How-To

  • Additional Tips

6 Months

Choose Your Plan:

12 Months

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